Chapter 9
Proposal for reform

Maintaining records and register

9.187The oversight function in relation to records and the central register would involve:

Maintenance of records

9.188In our view it is important that records are maintained centrally in order to:

Register of perpetrator completion of programmesTop

9.189As noted above, in our view it would be necessary for a register to be maintained of those perpetrators who have completed the alternative process.

9.190In our view the register should include:

9.191As outlined above, disclosure of information on the register in the form of a “record of completion” should only be able to be released:

9.192In other respects, the records and registers would be confidential to the provider and would not be publicly available or able to be disclosed under the Official Information Act 1982, although individuals could apply under the Privacy Act 1993 for information about themselves.


661Multiple attempts at acceptance into the alternative process may indicate a situation where coercion may be at play from the perpetrator toward the victim, or external pressure on the victim and perpetrator from others (such as peers or family).