Chapter 1
Scope, approach, and context of this review

Areas for further review

1.73This review is limited to examining how the law responds to sexual violence that has already occurred. However, several submitters to the Issues Paper noted the need to prevent sexual violence and work with sex offenders to prevent reoffending, including the need for social change and a coordinated, rather than an isolated, response.62
1.74One of the members of the Māori Liaison Committee63 noted that, especially for Māori communities, reform proposals will be less successful if they target victims in isolation of the wider context. It was suggested that our review could also serve to empower communities to address offending and enable the criminal justice system to take better account of the history and treatment needs of perpetrators of sexual violence, who are often themselves victims of sexual violence.
1.75We agree that more is needed to address the causes and reduce the incidence of sexual violence. We have not been able to do that as part of this review, but we think that education campaigns, better treatment options for offenders within the corrections system and a coordinated government response should all be a priority.64

62At [128].
63Established to advise the Law Commission on projects that concern Māori: “Māori engagement” Law Commission <>.
64We also note the ongoing work being done by the Government in this space, under the auspices of the Ministry of Social Development and the Ministry of Justice.